Friday, August 3, 2007


Tidings are announcements, dispatches, scuttlebutt and also, I would like to believe, illuminations and insights brought from elsewhere. Tidings are carried in the bags and pouches of travelers and wanderers, in the pocket of a stranger from exotic parts and, once upon a time so it is said, by an olive leaf in a dove's beak that told Noah the floods had receded and that land was near.

Tidings can come in the form of a leaf but they also appear as a letter, an instant message, a knock on the door or a blog and, as I hope they will, on the waves of a radio program.

I will be posting and recording thoughts, commentaries, interviews--with political figures, refugees, authors and anybody else whose tidings I think should be heard. The thoughts will come from my own experience and from conversations, diary jottings, confusion, outrage, dreams, books--wherever they lurk and linger. If they seem to contain a tiding, I will try and capture whatever it is.

Tidings from Hazel Kahan is the name of the radio program on WPKN 89.5/WPKM 88.7 fm where you can hear these things. You will also be able to read posts on this blog that have not been recorded yet and which may never be but which have the feel of tidings about them.

I hope you will come to like them.


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