Friday, November 12, 2010

EAARTH: an interview with Bill McKibben

I was honored that Bill McKibben agreed to be interviewed on Tidings from Hazel Kahan and am buoyed by knowing that his message will be heard by radio audiences in Connecticut and Eastern end of Long Island.

Bill McKibben is an environmentalist, writer, educator, research scholar and activist and a significant force in raising our awareness of climate change and in directing international action through his leadership of the 350 movement, the largest grass roots environmental movement in the world. If you want to feel uplifted, please visit his site.

Bill is the author of many books, the first The End of Nature originally published in 1989 and, most recently, in 2010, the book Eaarth, spelled e-a-a-r-t-h with two a’s to distinguish it from the earth we have known. In everything he does, Bill McKibben advocates tirelessly for a kinder relationship between human beings and the planet, whether it is eating local, having smaller families, dismantling our belief that growth is good and arguing against human engineering and the moral and existential threats of a post-human future.

His message today is more urgent than ever.

Welcome, citizens of earth, his web site greets us and introduces us to the new Eaarth. Bill McKibben goes on to say:

We live on a new planet. We’ve built a new earth. Its not as nice as the old one. It’s the greatest mistake humans have ever made, one that we will pay for literally forever.

What happens next is up to us.

McKibben then tells us what we can do as he offers us: a guide to living on a fundamentally altered planet.